Artist Statement



The past is a collection of concepts and events that we abstract in our minds.

The act of remembrance involves the filtering and straining of our past, so that relatively few, yet poignant and amplified memories remain. As modern, urban existence becomes more complex the mind may naturally seek out a simpler and concrete state. These places of rest in our minds eye will often lead us to memories of the past where we experienced happiness through simple pleasures such as swimming in the ocean, sharing a milkshake with a friend or dancing to a favorite song.

I am celebrating the past, particularly through the eyes and experiences of being female. There is an exploration of compelling themes through the use of the iconography and imagery of classic small town America. As a new American, I was confronted by a pervasive and sometimes overwhelming culture of consumption, yet I felt welcomed by rural small town America that reminded me of my childhood growing up in South Africa.

“Iophobia”, the fear of rust, is a metaphor for the fear of losing our childhood or the memories that made us who we are. It is also the fear of losing a perfectly controlled world through disorder and chaos. I started taking photographs of vintage cars in junk yards and diners, processing them in the dark room and creating a coffee-stained, aged effect.

The film strip is visible on the print just as it is on some of the paintings. This creates an illusion of a snapshot or moment in time. The figure appears in my work in intimate scenes that reflect the character of the specific individual. The happy housewife or American couple with some hint of grunge, grease or rust that reminds us that nothing lasts forever. The moments in which we are now ought to be remembered.

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